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The purpose of our peer-reviewed journal is to create a gap-filling opportunity for those interested in the topic of tourism and rural development to publish their research results and satisfy their professional curiosity.

It is important for us to gather the best and latest research on the topic and disseminate it widely to both those interested in theory or practice. We hope that the publications of our journal will not only provide novel and high-quality knowledge for researchers, educators in higher education and students, but will also become known and recognized among practitioners.

We publish four issues a year, both online and, if possible, in print.


Aims and Scope of Tourism and Rural Development Studies

The most important goal of the quarterly scientific journal Tourism and Rural Development Studies, founded in 2016, is to be – as one of the main forums for the scientific work of Hungarian tourism, hospitality and rural development researchers – an important domestic basis for the publication of the latest results. The journal is also open to the publication of relevant works in other related sub-disciplines and related sciences (marketing, sociology, regional development, urban planning). From 2019 the studies have been published both in print and electronically. TVT primarily publishes papers and studies, but we also consider it important to publish book reviews, short research summaries, and to compile special issues in addition to regular issues. The language of the journal is primarily Hungarian, but our further goal is to strengthen the publication of articles in English.

In order to support the next generation of scientists, we find it important to give space to young professionals involved in doctoral programmes as well.

The members of the editorial board of the journal are prominent representatives of the Hungarian tourism and rural development professionals. Our conscious effort is to represent the important scientific workshops, which are complemented by scientific centers and researchers connected to Hungarians across the border.

Since 2019, in addition to MATARKA and EPA, the journal with the scientific qualification of Section X. of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences has also been referenced by CrossRef, and our studies are published with a DOI number. Our other important goal is to obtain a category C rating from Section IX. (Section of Economics and Law – including sociology, demography and political sciences) of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and to strengthen international visibility.

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Tourism and Rural Development Studies

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Contributing scientific partners

The Tourism and Rural Development Studies is published with the professional collaboration of the Institute of Marketing and Tourism of the Faculty of Business and Economics and the Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences, Faculty of Sciences of the University of Pécs.

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